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370 East Main Street, Rossville (765) 379-2112

Andrew Hughes

“Mom began showing signs of dementia in her middle 80s, and our family began to look for a place to get her care, as it was becoming too difficult for us. In earlier years, Mother had volunteered through her church at Milner. She had spoken so highly of Milner that we decided it was the place we should get her care. The admissions staff at Milner was wonderful, and helped guide us to the care Mother needed. We decided that assisted living care was best for her, and it was a great decision.  The staff there were friendly. We could tell she was well cared for. As Mother’s dementia grew worse, she eventually needed to move to nursing care, and they made the transition to a different room easy for her. Mother has lived at Milner for over 10 years.  With each stage of her condition, they have kept us informed. The nursing staff is always available and friendly when I visit. They continually monitor and respond to health issues for the residents. If you are looking for a place for a loved one, I don’t think you will find a better place than Milner Community Health Care.”